Allegiant Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Friday, June 02, 2023

Allegiant Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Allegiant Airlines is a renowned airline that caters to the needs of various travelers. When it comes to unaccompanied minors, Allegiant Airlines ensures the safety and comfort of these young passengers throughout their journey. In this article, we will delve into the details of Allegiant Air minor policy, outlining the necessary guidelines, requirements, and procedures for a smooth and worry-free travel experience.

Why Choose Allegiant Airlines for Unaccompanied Minors?

Allegiant Airlines understands the importance of providing unaccompanied minors a secure and enjoyable travel experience. By choosing Allegiant Airlines, parents and guardians can have peace of mind knowing that their children will be well taken care of from departure to arrival. Let's explore the key features and benefits of Allegiant Airlines' unaccompanied minor policy.

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure the safety and well-being of unaccompanied minors, Allegiant Airlines has set specific eligibility criteria for young passengers traveling alone. The following conditions must be met:

Age Restrictions

Unaccompanied minors must fall within the age range specified by Allegiant Airlines. Typically, the allegiant age to fly alone lies between 5 and 14, and children who fall in this age gap are considered unaccompanied minors. However, it is crucial to review the airline's official guidelines for any updates or changes regarding age restrictions.

Flight Restrictions

Allegiant Airlines allows unaccompanied minors to travel only on nonstop flights. This policy ensures a direct journey without the need for any connecting flights or layovers. It provides an added layer of security and minimizes any potential risks associated with transfers between different flights.

Assistance Requirements

Unaccompanied minors must be able to travel independently and follow the airline's instructions. If a child requires additional assistance due to a medical condition or disability, it is essential to inform Allegiant Airlines in advance. The airline will evaluate the situation and make appropriate arrangements to ensure the child's well-being.

How to book a flight for a minor with Allegiant Airlines?

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Guidelines for Allegiant unaccompanied Minors

Less than 24 months - The infants absolutely can't travel alone; there has to be a parent traveling with them. They will be seated separately in an FAA-approved car seat, or they can travel on the lap of an adult passenger. The parents need to submit their birth certificate and or any other identification proof to verify their birthdate at the time of reservation.

2-14 years old - The children, aged from 2-14 years old, have to travel with an adult of at least 15-years-old and a separate reservation will be made with their own seat assignment. With this age gap, children are not allowed to be seated in the exit row under the FAA safety regulation. They will also have to submit their birth certificate or any other proof during reservation.

15-17 years old - For children from the age of 15-17 years old, they can travel alone without an adult companion and will have to submit identification proof of their date of birth at the time of booking.

18 years or older: The passengers of age 18 years and plus are all considered adults and require an individual separate reservation. They will have to provide a government-issued photo ID during the booking process, and all of the TSA requirements will be applied to them.

Unaccompanied Minor Services and Care

Allegiant Airlines goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being and comfort of unaccompanied minors throughout their journey. Here are some of the services and care provided:

Dedicated Allegiant Team Members

Per the Allegiant minor policy, upon arrival at the airport, unaccompanied minors will be assigned a dedicated Allegiant team member who will accompany them throughout the travel process. These trained professionals are responsible for ensuring the child's safety and providing assistance when needed.

Special Boarding and Seating

To make the journey more comfortable, unaccompanied minors are given priority boarding. This allows them to settle in and get acquainted with the flight attendants before other passengers' board. Additionally, they are assigned seats in close proximity to the flight attendant station for easier accessibility and prompt assistance.

In-Flight Supervision

Throughout the flight, the flight attendants keep a close eye on unaccompanied minors, ensuring their safety and comfort. They provide periodic check-ins, assist with any needs or concerns, and ensure a pleasant experience for the young traveler.

Arrival and Handover Process

Upon arrival at the destination, the allegiant air unaccompanied minor policy ensures a smooth handover process for unaccompanied minors. The designated team member escorts the child to the arrival area and ensures that they are received by the authorized individual specified during the booking process. This ensures a secure and hassle-free end to the journey.


This was the complete allegiant air unaccompanied minor policy for you with FarezHub. You know that airlines Allegiant prioritizes the safety and well-being of unaccompanied minors, offering a comprehensive and reliable service for young travelers. With their stringent policies, professional assistance, and dedicated care, Allegiant Airlines ensures that children can embark on their journey with confidence and that parents can have peace of mind.

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