Spirit Airlines Minor Policy

Spirit Airlines’ Minor Policy

Spirit Airlines’ minor policy is really simple and helpful for the minor’s guardians. Yes, it is true that everyone is protective of their child. Especially, If there are instances, Where a minor has to travel alone. That also by air. Most of the parents are not comfortable in letting their child travel alone at any airline. But if they do, Then the most worrying part of the travel is to make a reservation for their minor. Spirit Airlines understands your concerns towards your kid(s). That’s why The Airline did not put lengthy terms and conditions section. Especially regarding the flights and policies for minors. SPirit Airline not only eases the process of making reservations for minors. But also, the airline is ready to offer you a discounted fare as well.

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However, It might be possible that the fare display for a minor and an adult is the same. But if you can book a flight for your minor. By calling Farezhub spirit airlines customer service at +1-571-989-4175. You will definitely be able to grab the cheapest flight for your child. So let’s have a look, What Spirit Airlines Offer To The Minor.

Can A Minor Fly On Spirit Airlines?

Yes, A children traveling alone is known as an Unaccompanied Minor. However, as per the policy for unaccompanied minors. The airline had already created some terms. Under which the children under a certain age are considered minors. So first, Let’s have a look at some common terms that are there for a minor. That you need to care while making a reservation with Spirit Airlines.

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General Terms To Care While Booking A Flight For A Minor

  • Children of specific age groups are allowed to travel with Spirit Airlines. That also on the domestic routes including Puerto Rico And U.S Virgin Islands.
  • An Unaccompanied minor can travel on direct flights only.
  • Spirit Airlines will not permit a minor to travel on an International flight.
  • Minors can also not travel on connecting flights as per the Spirit Airlines Minor policy.
  • Any domestic flight has a scheduled change of aircraft. Must not be booked for a minor.
  • Snacks and Drinks will be available for your minor at an additional charge from Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Age Rules

Children Of 4 Years And Below
Well, As I already mentioned above that the children of certain age groups are allowed to travel alone with Spirit Airlines. But the children of age 4 Years and below are not allowed to travel solo. A passenger of the age of at least 15 years must travel with the child.

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Age 5 years To 14 Years

Children, age 5 years to 14 years can travel alone and are perfectly referred to as an Unaccompanied Minor. A guardian must book the child as an Unaccompanied. If the minor is traveling solo. But you must need to care that. The flights not only must be the direct flight only. But the change of flight number must not be there as per the Spirit Airlines Minor Policy.

Age 15 years And 15+ (Older)

Travelers of the age of 15 years or more can not be counted as an Unaccompanied Minor. That’s why you need not fill unaccompanied form while flying with the spirit airlines. But the representative of the airlines at the airport. May ask you to show the birth Certificate or any picture ID of the traveler to verify the age. But Still, if you want to request Unaccompanied minor service for your child of the age 15 years or older. Then Spirit Airlines will be more than happy to provide you the same at a cost of service charges for a minor.

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Spirit Airlines Service Charges For An Unaccompanied Minor

What Is The Fees For An Unaccompanied Minor With Spirit Airlines?

$100 Per Customer, Each Way.
That Is Over And Above The Selected Flight Fare. The Minor Fee Includes The Charges For Snacks And Beverages As Well.

As stated above, Spirit Airlines charge $100 per passenger each way as an Unaccompanied minor charge. This charge has nothing to do with the fare of the flight that you are going to choose for your child. But you have to pay the $100 + The Airfare.

Example 1: If you are booking a one-way flight for your minor and the fare for the direct flight is $49. Then you have to pay the $100 + $49 = $149 for a complete one-way trip for your minor.

Example 2: The flights you are looking for a minor is a round-trip flight. The fare that is coming up is $110. Then you have to pay $200 (Minor Fee) + $110 (Airfare) = $310 for a complete round-trip flight for your child.

As compare to other Low-cost-carriers like Southwest, And Frontier Airlines. The charges are a bit high. But these charges are definitely less than some big airlines like United, Delta, And American. That is charging $150 per passenger each way as an Unaccompanied minor fee.

But there is only Southwest Airlines that are charging $50 per passenger per way as a minor fee. There may be some difference in fare as well.

Advice:- Compare Spirit Airlines With Southwest Before Making Any Reservation For Your Minor.

How To Book A Flight For An Unaccompanied Minor With Spirit Airlines?

Time needed: 10 minutes.

The process of booking a flight for an Unaccompanied minor is the same as making a reservation for an adult passenger.

  • Add A Minor To Your Booking Instead Of An Adult.

    You Simply Need to Select The Departure, Arrival, Dates, And Trip Type. Like We Simply Do For Making A Reservation. But You Have To Make Sure That The Passenger Number In-front the Adult Option Will Be Zero. But The Child Passenger Option Must Not Be Zero.

  • Add The Age Of The Unaccompanied Minor.

    As Soon As You Click On The “Search Flights” Button. You, Will, Get A Pop-up Asking To Input The Birth Date Of The Minor. Make Sure That The Date Must Match The Photo ID Or The Birth Certificate Of The Child.

  • Check The Eligibility For Your Child

    The Very Next Pop-up Will Display, If Your Child Is Eligible To Travel Solo, Or Not. Whether Your Child Can Be Considered As A Minor Or Not. As Soon As You Will Accept The Terms Mentioned On This Pop-Up. It Will Let You Go Ahead And Complete The Process Of Making The Reservations For Your Child.

Spirit Airlines Guidelines For A Child Traveling Solo (Unaccompanied Minor)

  • While Booking A Flight: The guardian of the child must inform Spirit Airlines. That the reservation made is for an Unaccompanied Minor. You can do that by calling Farezhub spirit airlines customer service at +1-571-989-4175 after completing the reservations.

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Check-in And Departure Guidelines

  • It is advisable to reach the airport at least 60 minutes prior to your scheduled flight. At the check-in counter, The guardian or the parent, that is dropping-off the child must have to fill the Unaccompanied minor form. Not only this, but the guardian or the parent must present a valid photo ID of the minor. So the airlines can accept the child.
  • The minor form will be given to the child with a lanyard. That a minor must have to carry throughout the journey.
  • The parent or the guardian who is dropping off the child. Must get the gate-pass from the Spirit Airlines E-ticket counter at the airport. The person seeing off the child must remain inside the gates. Until the flight takes-off
  • Only a Non-Traveling person can ask for the gate-pass at the Spirit Airlines counter at the airport. That also after displaying his/her valid photo ID proof.
  • The person dropping off the child must remain inside the gates for approx.15 minutes after the flight departs.
  • The child will be introduced as an Unaccompanied minor to one of the Spirit Airlines flight attendants. So, it is advisable to come early for the pre-boarding introduction. The child coming late for the pre-boarding intro with the airline attendant. May introduced in the last.
  • The parent’s or guardian’s details mentioned on the Unaccompanied Minor form. Must arrive at the airport to pick-up the child before the flight arrival and get the gate-pass.
  • The minor will be handed over to the person after the complete verification of the parent or guardian by our flight attendant.

Final Thoughts

You must fill in and check all the details carefully. While booking a flight for an unaccompanied minor. Because you may have to pay some hefty charge for making a Spirit Flight Change. Spirit Airlines is an Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier. But to maintain its pricing in the market. The airlines have to charge for making changes, cancellations, and for baggage as well. You may find all the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy And Fee at their official website Spirit.com as well.

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