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Spirit Flight Change policy

Spirit Flight Change policy is one of the most important policies that one must care about while flying with Spirit Airlines. However, we are aware that a last-minute change of plan can really hit back on your pocket. Especially, when you are flying with a Low-cost-carrier. Because there may be a separate fee for every amendment. Not only for changes, or cancellations. But sometimes you may have to pay a non-refundable baggage fee as well.

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While performing a flight change with Spirit. There are chances that your tickets may get cancel. Because of the non-availability of the preferred flight fare. So, in this case, do not expect any refund to your card from Spirit Airlines. Instead, you may have to pay a change fee + fare difference (If Any). That also with all the taxes and fees.

So today, We are going to explain. That how you can take the advantage of the policies of Spirit Airlines. That can help you make a change to your Spirit flight ticket without a fee.

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Spirit Flight Change – Risk Free Change, Or Cancellation Period

The next 24 hours after making a reservation with Spirit Airlines are really Important. These 24 hours are called Risk-free cancellation, or change window. So, here any passenger can make changes or cancel their Spirit Airlines Flight Tickets without paying any penalty or fee. But there are some certain conditions which you must take care of. Before requesting any changes to your Flight Tickets. Despite that, your booking falls into the 24 Hours risk-free change and cancellation window.

Spirit Flight Change – Terms Associated With 24 Hours Risk-Free Change Period

  • Your travel date must be 7 days from the day of making reservations.
  • Making a change to your Spirit Flight ticket may put on the Standby flight.
  • You may have to pay extra for the Baggage on the next available flight.
  • Moving From Standby to Confirmed Flight Status. You must upgrade your flight tickets.
  • The upgrades also depend upon Spirit Airlines only. Because it is a Low-cost-carrier. That’s why the level of up-gradation is pre-defined by the airline itself.
  • Changing the routes on your flight tickets may result in paying even more. That is for the fare difference.

Spirit Same Day Flight Change – Fee And Details

Same-day flight change is considered. When a passenger is trying to make a change in its existing booking within 24 hours. But the flight is also scheduled for the next 24 hours. However, Spirit Airlines have a separate policy for same-day flight change requests. Under this policy, Any passenger can make, or request Spirit Airlines Customer Service to make changes to its flight tickets. That also the last 1 hour prior to the scheduled flights. But there are certain charges that a passenger must have to pay. The fee for making a same-day flight change depends upon the fare type as well. In brief, the same day flight change fee varies from $90 to $150.

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Spirit Same-day Flight Change – Terms And Conditions

  • A passenger is allowed to change the date of the travel only.
  • You can not change your layover flight to a non-stop flight.
  • New flights must be for the same route. If traveling on the same dates.
  • If a passenger is already checked in through any medium offered by Spirit Airlines. Then he/she will not be liable for making changes.
  • A passenger can choose an earlier flight. Only if the same fare value or seat is available on the earlier or next available flight.
  • However, changing routes for a same-day flight may cause you to pay the fare difference as well.

How To Change Spirit Airlines Flight Without Fee?

Well, despite we have a 24 hours risk-free cancellation and change window from Spirit Airlines. There may be chances that. We need to perform changes or cancellations after 24 Hours. I am sure that you don’t want to pay your tickets an equal amount for the changes as well. So what should you do while booking Spirit Flight Tickets? That can save you from paying more and more.

Well, The solution for this is Spirit Airlines “Flight Flex” Plan. Most of the passenger ignore this add-on while making a reservation with Spirit Airlines. Because we think that it is increasing our fare un-necessarily. But trust me, there are passengers, That agreed that the “Flight Flex” plan saved them from paying a huge amount for making changes to their flights. That also after the 24 Hours risk-free cancellation window.

Pro Tip: While making an airline reservation with Spirits or any other airlines. It is recommended to use your credit card. That provides you with trip protection and traveler insurance as well. By this, your credit card company can save you from unexpected expenses.

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What is The Flight Flex?

The Flight Flex is basically a trip protection plan. The plan is available at the time of making new Spirits Airlines reservations. This option is basically available in the “Extras” section. A passenger can add the Flight Flex at the time of making reservations only. This option will not be available later-on for the existing reservation holders.

What is the Use of the Flight Flex?

The flight flex plan provides the benefit of making any kind of changes to the Spirits Airlines bookings to its passengers. Basically, a passenger can make Spirit Flight Change without paying any modification fee. You can make changes when more than 24 hours are left for your flights. But this can happen only once.

Flight Flex Terms And Conditions For Spirit Flight Change

  • Except for the complete name change or transferring the flight ticket. You can make any kind of changes for free.
  • The flight flex plan must be purchased for all the passengers.
  • Only one modification is free.
  • Any change request in less than 24 hours of the flight schedule may incur additional modification charges.
  • The flight Flex is available for all the ticket and fare types available at spirit.com.

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How To Change Spirit Flight Online?

Changing Spirits Flight by visiting their official website is as easy as 1-2-3. You just need to follow the below steps:

  • Visit Spirits Airlines official website: Spirit.com
  • Click On the “My Trips” tab.
  • Enter your ticket confirmation code and the last name and click Continue.
  • Then select the flight(s) you want to change.
  • Simply follow the onscreen instruction.
  • Pay the fare-difference (If Any).
  • Confirm your final details, Flight timings, Email Id, Phone Number.
  • For the final step. Must confirm if you get the request reference number and other flight-related details to your email id and phone number.

Can I Change My Name On Spirit Flight Tickets?

Yes, The name change is permissible at Spirits Airlines. However, certain terms and conditions are also there. That one must care to get the maximum advantage of the Spirits Airline Name Change Policy.

  • Misspelling: In the case of a minor spelling mistake. You are entitled to a free name change. But the change request must be placed approx. 7 days prior to the scheduled flight. However, you will not get charged for the same until specified.
  • Legal Name Change: Well, In the case of marriage, divorce, or due to any other reason. If you are looking to change your name. Then you simply have to email Spirit Airlines. But don’t forget to send your supporting documents that can justify the reason. Due to which you are changing your legal name.
  • Change Passenger Information:- If a passenger wants to change his/her name, Contact Details, date of birth, or any other personal details. You can call the spirit airlines reservations desk at +1-571-989-4175.
  • Supporting Documents For making changes:- Court order, Marriage license, Divorce decree, Legal name change document.

How To Manage My Spirit Airlines Flight Booking?

Time needed: 10 minutes.

There may be times when you have to change, cancel, or rebook your flight tickets. So for that, You can access Spirit Airlines’ Manage Booking section.

  • Visit Spirit.com
    To manage your reservation, With your Confirmation code and passenger’s Last name. Head on to Spirit.com
  • My Trips Section
    After visiting Spirit Airline’s official website. Click on “My Trips” and enter the passenger’s last name along with the Confirmation code. Click Continue.
  • Find Your Bookings And Edit
    After clicking the “Continue” button, Your reservation will appear in front of your screen. Click on modify and change the reservations as per your need. Follow the on-screen instructions. Check-out and you are done.
  • You may have to pay the fare difference in the case of Spirit Flight Change.
  • There may be a cancellation fee applicable for canceling your flights as well. You may have to pay a free until it is not specifically mentioned as free.
  • You can Change, cancel, select seats, add reward points, ad do much more through “My Trips” section at spirit Airlines

Note:- If you are not able to make a Spirit Flight Change Online. You may call Farezhub Spirit Airlines Customer Service At +1-571-989-4175.

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