Spirit Flight Cancelled: What If Spirit Cancelled My Flight?

Is Your Spirit Flight Cancelled?. Well, if the answer is Yes, Then I am sure that you are also being worried about Why, What, How, And When. So today, We are going to have a look at the scenarios that can occur at any time. Not only this but anyone from us can be in the situation. In which, The airline already cancelled our flight and we are thinking Why they did it?. What to do now?. How will I get my money back?. How To rebook my flights with Spirit Airlines?. Well, I may not be the right person to answer why the flights got cancelled. But trust me, I can make sure that if this happens to you again. You will be able to fight the situation easily. So let’s start.

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Spirit Flight Cancelled
Credit: Spirit Airlines

Spirits Airlines Responsibility For Flight Timings, Schedules, And Operations

Well, Spirit is an Ultra-Low-Cost-Airline in the USA. Despite having mixed reviews from the natives across the USA. The airline manages to fly to 50+ domestic and 10+ International destinations. Not only this but Spirits’ daily flight frequency reaches 10+. That a sum of Domestic + International flights every day. But like other airlines, Spirit also has to follow the DOT rules to operate, maintain, and create its flights’ schedule.

That’s why the airline clearly states in their “Contract Of Carriage”, “Clause 8“.

  • That the schedule running or displaying on any chart or board at the airport is not guaranteed and does not affects or covers the airlines’ terms.
  • Spirit Airlines can make any changes to your existing reservations. Like changing it from 1 Stop flight to 2 Stop or vice versa. Or they can even convert your non-stop direct flight to multi-stop flights without notice.
  • If You are running as per the flight schedule displayed. But your Spirit Flight got Cancelled. Then the airlines will only help you if the cancellation happens due to them only.

In Short, Spirit Airlines may not take the full credit of Its flights schedules and operations. Thus, the airline may not provide you the assistance at its best.

Note Down:- Spirit Airlines Customer Support Phone Number

What If Spirit Flight Cancelled?

If the flight cancellation was from the airline. Then you, As a passenger will have the right to ask for the full refund of your ticket amount. Or you can ask to reschedule your flight to some other date. provided the origin and destination must remain the same. Or if you change the origin or destination, You may have to pay the fare difference. Wait!!!, This was just the one face of the coin, Thus you must be aware of the flip side as well.

Flight Cancellation Due To Bad Weather

If your flights got canceled due to bad weather. Spirit can only help you in rebooking. Despite offers you the refund of your ticket amount. The best that the airline can offer is “Free modifications or Changes to your existing reservations”. However, the foreign passengers or the passengers that are travel to some International Destination and connecting through any of the Spirit Airline’s Hub or operational airport. The airline will be able to change your flight for free if the original booking is with the Spirit only. But not with any connecting aircraft. Read the complete Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy.

Summary:- A passenger can get the future credit as a refund. Or can go for a free a flight change.

Cancellation Due To Delayed Flight, Or Technical Issues

Well, if the flights got delayed and you missed your connecting flight, Or if you want to cancel your reservations due to the delay. Well, Spirit will definitely will be more than happy to assist you.

  1. Rebooking In Case of Flight Delay: Spirits will rearrange you on the next available flight as soon as possible. In fact, the airline will try to make its passengers reach their destination through 1 stop, 2 stop, or any multi-stop flights as soon as possible.
  2. Refund In Case Of Delayed Spirit Flight: Well, If the delay will be of more than 2 hours. Then a passenger is liable to get a full refund to the actual source of payment.
  3. Rebooking Time Frame: You can ask for free flight changes and rebooking, Provided the request had been made within 7 days of the date at which the journey got delayed.

Spirit Guest Amenities In Case of Flight Delay, Or Got Cancelled

  1. Spirit Airlines will not bear any loss or expense of the passenger due to schedule change, flight cancellation, or delay.
  2. If the cancellation was due to the Spirit Airlines itself and the seats to rebook a flight is available on the next day’s flight. Spirit airlines may offer you the hotel accommodation at no additional charges.
  3. If the cancellation or delay was due to weather conditions, Any air traffic control signal issues, or any due to any other factor. That is not in the control of Spirit. The Airline will only make you aware of the situation. So that you can arrange an accommodation for yourself. However, Spirit will not bear any expenses for the same.
  4. For some passengers, the airline may offer some limited services, and amenities that seems necessary for the safety, security, and social welfare of the passenger.

The Sum Up

Whether you will get a full refund or just the future credit. Whether you will get free flight changes or free accommodation. That depends on the factors mentioned above. However, one thing is clear that all the airlines. Be it the major airlines like Delta, United, American, or an Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier like Spirit Airlines. All have a certain contract of carriage, and some harsh rules for their passengers. But guess what!!! The airlines never make you feel the heat of the situation and always try to deliver their best. So next, time, When you travel with Spirit. Do Call Us To Assist You Better And In The Right Way. Hit Us Up At +1-571-989-4175


  1. mfromMiami

    Spirit cancelled my flight from NYC to Miami and never even said why. They also said I only have options of a connecting flight with a 7hour layover on the following day or a direct flight but, 2 days later. They made it clear, no hotel, no meal vouchers, nothing. Nevermind that I upgraded both tickers to Big Seats which I now may not even get.
    Spirit is often the cheapest option out there. But be warned, thats because they will absolutely not take care of you once they’ve gotten your payment.
    If its just a bit more to fly another airline, I would.

    • nicole

      Hi, I am curious to know if you were able to get a full refund back due to Spirit canceling your flight. My flight was canceled from NJ to Georgia and I am trying to figure out how to apply for a refundar. please let me know if you were able to go through the process.

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