Spirit Airlines Check-in Policy

Spirit Airlines Baggage Guide

Spirit Airlines Baggage policy is the third most discussed topic after the reservations, changes, and cancellation policy. Especially with Spirit Airlines, Most of the passengers have to struggle a lot for their baggage handling. Because Spirit is a Low-cost-carrier. That’s why it maintains its lowest fares by charging extra for the baggage. So, In short, while flying with Spirit. You may get an unbeatable flight fare. But you have to pay extra for your check, and carry-on baggage items.

Advice:- Kindly Add Your Baggage At The Time Of Making The Reservations To Save Huge On Your Baggage.

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Spirit Airlines Baggage Size And Weight

Spirit Airlines despite charging for the baggage. Also provides 1 free carry-on item as well. But this should be a small item and can fit in a smaller box. The carry-on item must be like a small purse, a backpack, or a small foldable item. However, for the complete details about Spirit Airlines Baggage. Please Read Below.

Please Note:- Spirit charges more for baggage above 40lbs. For example if you are carrying a checked baggage of 41lbs (18.5Kg). Then you need to pay for the oversized baggage to Spirit Airlines.

Personal ItemsDimensions must not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches.
That is 43 x 35 x 20 cm.
This dimension is including handle and wheels as well.
purse, laptop bag, Small Backpack are examples of personal items.
Carry-On ItemsThe size must not exceed 22 x 18 x 10 inches. That is 56 x 46 x 25 cm.
However, The overall size includes the handles and wheels as well.
* Spirit Airlines will consider carry-on baggage as checked baggage. If the bag is not to fit the given space on the aircraft.
Checked BagsThe maximum Length+Width+Height from the handle to the wheels of the bag must not exceed 62 Linear Inches. That is 158 cm.
The maximum weight allowed is 40 pounds (18.1kg) Only.

Any checked bag(s) more than the above dimension and size will be considered as oversized, or overweight. Thus, Spirit Airlines will charge extra for the same.

Note:- Unfortunately, Spirit Airlines can not accept bags weigh more than 100 pounds (45 kgs). The dimensions exceeding 80 Linear inches (203cm). That is the overall dimension from the handle to the wheels of a bag.

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Spirit Airlines Baggage Restrictions For International Travel

The travelers flying with Spirit Airlines to or from International airport across the globe. May carry some additional baggage. That may be oversized or overweight. So, There are some restrictions for the these baggage types. Please read below.

South America
* Lima, Peru (LIM)
Bags Restrictions are throughout the year.
(Additional Restrictions May Apply From December 1st to January 10th)
1. Maximum 1 checked item with the maximum weight limit of 50lbs (23 kg) per traveler is allowed.
2. Oversized items may not exceed 80 Linear inches. That is 203 cm from handle to wheel.
3. Sporting equipment can exceed 80 Linear inches. But the weight must not exceed 50lbs (23 Kg)
4. Bags with dimensions more than 80 Linear inches will not be acceptable on spirit from December 1st through January 10th.
All International
December 1st – January 10th1. Only 1 checked item is allowed per passenger.
2. Over weight luggage must not exceed 70lbs (32 kg) and will be charged extra.
3. Over-sized items must not exceed the overall dimension of 80 linear inches.
4. Extra checked items must be purchased on first-come, first serve basis.

The details mentioned above are updated and correct to date. All the dimensions and weights are as per the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy only. But in the case of any clarification or discrepancy. You can call Farezhub Customer Service at +1-571-989-4175

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

After getting the dimensions and weight for the checked and carry-on baggage. It is advisable to add the baggage at the time of making a new reservation. A passenger can also add the baggage anytime before the flight departure. But as you can see in the table above. That sometimes the checked bags can be added on a first-come, First-serve basis only. So try to ad the bags as soon as you realized. That you may be exceeding the limit offered by Spirit Airlines. So, Now, Let’s have a look at the baggage fee.

Spirit Regular Baggage Fees

While Making Reservations:

  • For $9 Fare Club Members – $26 – $31
  • Fee For Standard Passengers – $35 -$40

When Less Than 24 Hours Left In Your Flight – During Online Check-in:

  • $9 Fare Club Members – $36 – $41
  • Standard Passengers – $45 – $50

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Spirit Baggage Fees At The Airport Counter

Ranging From $65 – $76 For All The Passengers.

For Overweight Or Oversized Baggage

Weight / DimensionPer Bag
41 – 50 lbs (18 – 23 Kg)+$30
51 – 70 lbs (23 – 32 kg)+$55
71 – 100 lbs (32 – 45 kg)+$100
63 – 80 Linear Inches (158 – 203 cm)+$100
Items Over 80 Linear Inches+$150

For Sporting Equipment

ItemsPer Way Charge
Surf Board (Max 2 In 1 Bag)$100
Golf ClubsCharge as checked baggage + Overweight Charges may apply
Skis/SnowboardsCharge as checked baggage + Overweight Charges may apply

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy has a place for more than 100 Sporting equipment. You May Call Our Spirit Airlines Experts At +1-571-989-4175.

Well, These are the general baggage rules from Spirit Airlines for all the passengers. Including $9 club fare members. We agree that the $9 Club Members may have to pay less than what is mentioned above. But still, the weight and dimension limitations are applicable to the Club members as well. But, we are talking about the saviours of our country here. Our military officers. Let’s have a look at what Spirit Airlines offers to our military personnel.

Do they also have to abide by the baggage terms and policies. That spirit airlines decide for its regular passengers. But also for the $9 Club Fare members.

How To Add Bags To Your Spirit Reservations Online?

More Than 24 Hours Before Flight: You can simply visit your “My Trips” section. Follow the instructions to access your reservation. Then simply hit “Add Bags” and purchase the additional bags to your reservations.

Less Than 24 Hours Before Flight: The Process Remains The Same. It’s Just You have to access your reservations by going through the “Online Check-in Tab“. Simply Click “Add Bags“, Pay And You Are done.

However, you may please note that the baggage fee at the airport is much more than adding it online. But you can always tag your bags by Calling Spirit Customer Service, or Visiting their E-ticket counter at the airport. Oh Yes!! You can also use self tag option after visiting the airport. This self tag can save your time a lot more.

Does Spirit Airline Offers Discounts To The U.S Military?

Spirit Airlines is a Low-cost-carrier and everyone across the USA and Canada is aware of it. But still, Spirit is not behind in thanking our Military personnel. That is serving the country. Spirit Airlines already has very cheap fares. But still, If any active military personnel requests the Spirit Airline Customer service to get a discount on a flight ticket. There may be chances that Spirit will reduce the fare even more. Just for the honorable officer preferred to fly with the airline.

Free Bags For Active U.S Military Officers

For the officer, That are active in U.S military. Spirit Airlines provide the advantage of carrying 2 free checked baggage and 1 Carry-on item. But not to forget, that there is already 1 personal item is included free in the ticket.

  • U.S military active officer should arrive early enough. So that the Spirit Airlines representative at the airport can help them add the checked baggage. Along with the process that needs to display an active U.S military I.D card.
  • Spirit Airlines wants to include the family members of the active officer as well. But for now, the Baggage policy only covers the office himself/herself.
  • Active military personnel can now save their time of check-in. By completing the check-in process online at the time of making reservations.
  • Military personnel can use ID.ME service at the final checkout page to verify his/her active military Status.
  • ID.Me is a third party service that can help a military officer to verify his/her identity at the check out page. So, that he/she can claim his/her free checked baggage and other items.

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Spirit Airlines Free Flights For Wounded Warriors And Their Families

As our military officers are serving the country. Spirit Airlines also try to serve as much as possible. The airlines understand that it is not always about free baggage. But sometimes, our warriors need to be with their families only. Especially when they get injured or wounded in the battle or during a dummy operation. So, by keeping this in mind. Spirit Airlines operates hundreds of free flight every year for wounded warriors and their families. In partnership with Luke’s wings. Spirit Airlines help the family of our active U.S members to meet them. During hospitalization and rehabilitation. The airlines understand that this action may help in the speedy recovery of our brave military officer.

Spirit Airlines Baggage – FAQs

What If My Baggage Got Damage?

As per the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy. You Must Report The Damage Immediately.
1. For Domestic Flights: You Must Report It Within The 4 Hours Of The Flight Arrival.
2. For International Flights: A Passenger Must Report It Within The 7 Days Of The Flight Arrival.

What Is Not Covered In Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy?

The damage due to:
1. Overpacking The Bag.
2. Fragile Or Perishable Item.
3. Manufacturer’s Defect.
4. Pre-existing Damage.
5. Any Scratch, Or Cracks On The Items.

What Is The Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, When Traveling To Cuba?

A passenger is allowed to carry only 1 checked baggage. Any additional checked items may be available on first-come, First-serve basis only. But the weight of the items must not exceed 70 pounds and 80 Linear inches from handle to wheel.

Can I Bring My Wedding Dress Onboard?

Yes, you can. If it can fit in the specified dimensions of a carry-on. Standard carry-on baggage fees may apply for an additional carry-on item. Kindly note that Spirit Airlines will not provide any separate hanging space for garment bags.

Can I Carry An E-Cigarette While Flying With Spirit Airlines?

As per the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy. E-cigarettes and related devices are prohibited onboard. Not only this but also you can not carry it within checked baggage or luggage. But Spirit Airlines allow you to take the related devices as a carry-on. However, Some countries like the Dominican Republic do not allow to carry E-Cigarettes and related devices. So, That means a passenger can not carry it in checked baggage, As a carry-on item, or within the pocket. That’s why Spirit Airlines is also abode by this rule.

Advice:- You must pack an E-Cigarette or a related device in a way to prevent un-intentional activation.

Can I Carry A Smart Luggage?

Smart luggage is a kind of luggage that can perform electronic activities like charging a second or third device at the same time. However, Lithium batteries are the best example of this. But a device that can change or update its Geolocation by itself. Comes under the Smart Luggage. So, As per the Spirit Baggage Policy, Lithium batteries, USB Charging Ports, TSA approved Locks can impose risk while traveling. That’s why the Smart Luggage is not allowed while flying with Spirit At this time.

Am I Allowed To Bring My Insulin While Flying With Spirit Airlines?

Yes, A passenger can bring his/her insulin and related devices onboard with them. However, Spirit also encourages that. You must bring your insulin in their respective packings. These packets will not be counted as a carry-on or even as checked baggage. So, Spirit Airlines will not charge you for these small packets. But you have to make sure that, Other than your insulin. These packs must not host any of your other items, like socks, cards, handkerchiefs, or any other small items. If found by the representative at the airport. You will be charged equal to checked baggage not only for your insulin pack. But also for your related devices and packs as well.

What Am I Not Allowed To Carry While Flying With Spirit Airlines?

As per the Spirit Baggage Policy. You are not allowed to carry:

  • Flammable Adhesives: Rubber and pipe cement, Super glues, Hot glues, and other flammable glues.
  • Pressurized And Air tanks: Including Scuba And Scba.
  • Flammable Aerosols: Non-toiletry, WD-40, Cooking Spray, Pain Relief Spray, Spray Paint, And Spray Starch, etc.

So, These are the best-known Terms, FAQs, And Policies For Spirit Airlines Baggage And most Accurate To The Date. However, We Keep On Updating All The Information On Our Pages To Meet The Standard Of The Airlines Itself. However, If You Still Face Any Issues While Dealing With The Airlines Regarding Your Baggage. You May Call Our Spirit Airlines Experts At +1-571-989-4175.

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