Spirit Airlines Customer Support – General FAQs

Spirit Airlines customer support system is intendedto addresspassengerqueries and concerns promptly and professionally. The airline recognizes the significance of exceptional customer service in the aviation business and endeavors to offer assistance through several channels. Whether it's through phone calls, emails, or their online platform, Spirit customer support representatives are qualified to offer clear and precise information regarding bookings, flight schedules, baggage policies, and more.

How to Talk to a Live Person at Spirit Airlines?

Passengers can reach out to live agents through a dedicated helpline, which operates 24/7, ensuring that travelers have access to assistance at any time of the day. The agentshighlight proactive communication and offers updates on flight statuses, delays, or cancelations, enabling passengers to plan their journeys consequently.

Additionally, Spirit Airlines reservation desk leverages modern technology and online platforms to enhance the customer experience, providing a user-friendly interface where travelers can manage bookings, check-in and seek assistance conveniently by calling +1-571-989-4175 toll-free.

What Cities Do Spirit Airlines Fly To?
Spirits Airlines flies to more than 100 domestic pairs. But due to COVID 19 pandemic. You may see that Spirit Airlines is operating fewer flights. However, Spirits Airlines is connecting America from North, South, Central America, South America, And the Caribbean.

How To Subscribe To Spirits Newsletter To Get New Deals On Priority?
To get Spirits Airlines’ new deals on priority. You usually need to become a $9 Club member. But if you don’t want to subscribe to $9 club fare. Then you can call at +1-571-989-4175. So that we can help you with the latest Spirits Airlines Deals.

How To Un-Subscribe From Spirits Airlines Mailing List?
To unsubscribe from the mailing list. You can see an “Unsubscribe link of blue color is there. The link is present at the extreme end of the newsletter content. You can simply hit “Unsubscribe” and that’s it. Spirits Airlines will never send you the promotion emails again.

What Kind Of Food And Drink Can I Order While Flying With Spirit Airlines?

As per the Spirit Airlines Customer Support team’s statement. The airlines have a very definite yet a variety of drinks and snacks. That passenger can order on board while flying. But the meal that spirit is providing can not be customized. That means Dietary meals or meals as per the calorie consumption can not be there while flying. Any passenger can order a drink or a meal by paying through a Debit or Credit card only. Spirits Airlines does not accept cash onboard during an ongoing flight.

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Spirit Airlines Customer Support For The Guests With Allergies?

Any passenger traveling with any kind of allergy is not guaranteed to not get exposure to the allergic item. That includes the food and beverages that Spirits Airlines serves during a flight. For example, A guest traveling with peanut allergies. Despite being informed by the airlines about the same before boarding the flight. Spirit Airlines advises to carry all the necessary medicines requires to control and tackle the allergy. While being on-board. Because Spirits Airlines sells peanuts on flights. That’s why there are chances that a passenger may come in contact with the peanuts and start feeling uncomfortable due to the allergy.

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Do Spirit Airlines Offers Complimentary Food Or Drink?

No, Spirits Airlines does not offer any complimentary meals. Because this can disturb the Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier tag of the airline. That can result in a much higher fare that can damage the business of Spirits Airlines. You can order the drinks and the food while onboard from the menu given on the Spirit Airlines official website.

Spirit Airlines Support – Frequent Flyers FAQ

What Are The Benefits Of The Free Spirit Frequent Flier Program?
The free Spirits Frequent Flier program can help the passengers earn more reward miles with every flight. But the fare should not be a sale fare. You can use your reward miles to book a flight known as an award flight ticket. You can enroll in the “Free Spirit” program and earn more reward miles.

What If I Do Not Want To Book My Flights Online Or Need To Enroll In Free Spirit?
Well, If you are not comfortable in making Spirit Airlines Reservations online. Then you always have the option to book a flight by calling Farezhub Spirits Airlines customer service at +1-571-989-4175 .

What If I Forgot The Password Of My Free Spirit Account?
Well, If you are not able to login into your Free Spirits account. Then you click on the reset my password link. You simply need to enter your Free Spirit Number Or Email ID. Spirits Airlines will send you a temporary password. That can help you in logging in but you have to change it later on. Because the password will give you only one-time access to your account.

Why Should I Create My Free Spirit Account?
For all the reservations made by using your Reward miles. A Free Spirits account is mandatory. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your booking. Not only this but My Free Spirits account also helps Spirit Airline to protect your account from unauthorized access.

What Is The Eligibility For Spirit World Mastercard?
Anyone being a resident of the U.S. But with a valid Social Security Number, or Tax ID with at least 18 years of age can apply.

  • Puerto Rico Residents Must Be At least 21 Years Of The Age.

How To Apply For Spirit World Mastercard?

  • For the citizens of the U.S and Puerto Rico. One can apply for the Spirits World Mastercard Online By Visiting The Bank Of America.
  • Residents Of the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala City, Honduras, and some other cities can apply for the Spirit Promerica Mastercard.

What Is The Password Policy for Free Spirit Account?

The password must be 8 to 32 characters long with 1 capital and 1 small letter. But if you want to use any special characters. You can do that to make your password strong. However, using a special character in the password is an optional part.

What Is Spirit Airlines’ Free Spirit Account?

A Free Spirit account with Spirits Airlines is the section on the official website Spirit.com. That stores the information about a passenger’s miles earned and used. However, the information is not limited to the flights booked using your reward miles. But it also stores the contact, name and other general information about you. So, when you will book the flights again with Spirit Airlines. Then it can fetch your Free Spirits Account with your contact only. But sometimes, You may need to change the info related to your Free spirit Account and You will be surprised to know that you can do that online without hassle. Please Read Below To Find Out. How To Make Changes To Your Free Spirit Account?

Spirit Airlines Customer Support – FREE SPIRIT FAQ

How Can I Change My Name On My FREE SPIRIT Account?
To change a name on your FREE Spirits account. You have to send an Email to Spirit Airlines Customer Service by visiting the Spirit airlines request section. But you have to make sure that you must attach a self-attested copy of the document explaining the reason for your name change. Make sure that you must send a legal copy of your new name that can help the airlines in processing your name change request.

  • Kindly make sure to enter the name as per the official Photo ID or Passport before completing your reservation. Any change in the name on the ticket than to Passport may not only restrict. But can cancel your flights at the last-minute as well.

How To Change The Contact Information In My FREE SPIRIT Account?
Well, Thanks to Spirits Airlines to allow its passengers to update their addresses online. Thus, you need to send an email. If you want to “change the Name” only. But other minor updates and changes can be done online.

  • First, you need to login into your FREE SPIRIT account.
  • Then Simply Click On the “Personal Information” Tab.
  • If You are already logged in. Then simply visit the “Profile Edit” Section.

From there, you can change or update your contact information for my FREE SPIRIT account.

Spirit Airlines Customer Support – FREE SPIRIT MILES FAQ

Can I Upgrade My Seat To A Big Front Seat Using FREE SPIRIT MILES?
Spirits Airlines restricts its passenger from upgrading their seats. But anyone can purchase it from the official website Spirit.com as per the availability while booking a flight.

Can I Purchase Free Spirit Miles?

Yes, Any passenger can buy FREE SPIRIT Miles in addition to their existing miles. Not only to make a reservation but also, You can gift your miles as well. However, to claim your reward miles. Simply enter your “Certificate Code” and the “Verification Code” display on the above link.

How To Request FREE SPIRIT credit after I completed My Travel?

Well, Free Spirits Credit can be requested by logging into your account. But if you are already logged in. Then you Need To Visit Retro Credit Request Page. However, Keep in mind that FREE SPIRIT credit can be requested within 30 of the travel. But also make sure that it can be requested only if the passenger holding the FREE SPIRIT account traveled himself/herself.

How To Earn Miles Under Spirits Airlines Frequent Flier Program?

To earn the miles under the frequent flier program. You just need to make sure that you must enter your FREE SPIRIT Miles account number. As you can earn on each dollar spent. But if you had already booked the flights and forgot to mention your Frequent Flier Account number. Then You can do the same by calling Spirits Customer Service.

Spirit Airlines Frequent Flier Program Terms

  • Spirit World Mastercard holders can earn 100% of the miles. But they have to use the same Mastercard to make the payments for their flights.
  • Value Of miles equals to the flight fare can be earned only once per month.
  • The miles earned using Spirit World Mastercard will never expire.
  • Free SPIRIT miles are Non-transferable to anyone else.
  • Your Spirit Miles can expire if there no miles addition within the last 3 months.
  • Spirit World Mastercard is the only way to save your miles from expiration. But you need to make a purchase at least once every month.
How To Make Spirits Airlines Reservations By Using Miles?

Booking flights by using FREE SPIRIT miles is known as award travel and the flights as per the Spirits Airlines Customer Support team are called an AWARD Flight. But booking an Award Flight is not as difficult as it seems. You have to simply follow the steps that you take. While making a reservation with a Debit or a Credit Card. But a small change is there and that is, At the time of booking. At the Spirits Airlines Search Form. Please Select “Miles” Instead Of “Dollar“. However, for more definite information. Please follow the Steps Mentioned At Spirit Airlines Reservations. That can help you go through the process of booking a flight through miles.

Can I Book My Flights By Using Miles With A Live Agent From Spirits Airlines?

Yes, you can simply do that by calling our travel experts at the given number. But please note that a fee of $25 per booking will be charged for making a reservation over the call with our live agent from Farezhub.

Spirit Airlines Award Ticket FAQ

Can I Book My Flights By Using Miles With A Live Agent From Spirits Airlines?

Yes, you can do that by simply calling our helpdesk number. But please note that a fee of $25 per booking will be charged for making a reservation over the call with our live agent .

  • A passenger is allowed to change the destination, origin, haul flight to non-stop flight, and the class of the service.

However, Just make sure that the cancellation or change must be as per the spirit airline policies. So that you will be able to get a complete refund.

What Are The Taxes And Fees For Booking An Award Flight Ticket?

As we know that a flight booked by using reward miles is known as an Award Flight. But still you have to pay the govt. taxes and fees required at the time of booking.

  • A fee of $5.60 each way per passenger will be charged. This fee can go up to $11.20 each way per passenger.

Spirits Airlines $9 Fare Club Member FAQ

What Was The Reason For My Member Club Membership Cancellation?

There can be either of the 2 main reasons. That can lead to the cancellation of your member club.

  • Invalid Credit Card On File.
  • Your Credit Card Had Been Expired.

If your membership had already been canceled. You need not worry about the same because you can always enroll it again.

How To Upgrade My Credit Card On File For The Member Clubs?

Well, If you are looking to update your billing card info the member clubs. Please login to your account by using your email or Club Member account number.

How Can I Renew My $9 Fare Club Membership?

Well, the process of renewing the club membership is the same as updating the Credit card information on the file. You simply need to login to your account and click on the Personal profile update option. from there, you can simply renew it.

If you are on a trial period. Then the Airlines will continue your membership by charging you annually. As soon as your trial period expires

Can I Change The Name On My $9 Fare Club Reservations?

A passenger can not change the name. Because in that case, you will not be able to earn any reward miles. The worst part can be the cancellation of your flight tickets. As only the listed member in the $9 fare club is allowed to travel.

How Can I Cancel My $9 Fare Club Membership?

If you are looking to cancel your $9 Club membership. Simply Visit Your Profile and click Your Membership Section. This section will give you access to your $9 Club membership. Now you can simply click on cancel my membership. After following the steps on the screen. You will finally see an option saying that your membership had been canceled. Not only this but you will also get the confirmation email regarding the same within 24 hours of your membership cancellation request.

What Are The Benefits Of $9 Fare Club Membership?

Well, Spirits Airlines offers tremendous benefits to $9 Fare Club members. That are but not limited to:

  • Approx. $20 to $30 Less Fare Flights As Compare To Non-Club Members.
  • Baggage fees reduced to almost half.
  • $9 Club members will get deals on priority

Not only the above mentioned benefits. But there is more to enjoy with Spirit Airlines $9 fare club membership.

What Is The Fee To Join a $9 Fare Club Membership?

Can I Get The Trial Of The Services And Benefits That $9 Fare Club Offers?

For Sure, If you are looking to get the trail first. You can enroll it while making a new reservation at Spirits airlines’ official website: Spirit.com. But you have to pay $19.95 for the trial period. That will be last for 2 months only.

The benefit of the $9 Club will be visible on the next travel booking with the spirit airlines. However, After the trial period ends. You may be charged $59.95 for the first year and $69.95 for the next year onwards. The $69.95 charge is for the renewal of your $9 Fare Club membership. Spirit Airlines will keep on charging your card on the file for the renewal. Until you cancel your membership prior to the renewal period.

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor – Brief

Well, before answering the doubts about the Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy. Let’s have a look at the policy first. That can help you understand the fees, rules, terms, and several other things about, How Spirit handles the Unaccompanied Minors? So, you may please visit the Spirit Airlines Minor policy page and get the details about each and every aspect that can help you and your child travel safely.

Spirit Airlines Customer Support – General Travel FAQ (1)

Is A Letter Of Consent Mandatory For A Child To Travel?
Can I Cancel Or Change My Award Ticket?

Yes, you can easily change or cancel your award ticket by calling Farezhub customer care or by sending an email to our support center. But you may have to pay a change fee of $110 per guest along with some miles, if at all any difference is to be found in the fare.

Can A Pregnant Women Fly With Spirit Airlines?

A woman, If in the 8th month of pregnancy is required to get the examination from the physician as soon as possible. Spirit Airlines may not allow you to travel, If you are not fit.

What Is Bag Drop While Flying With Spirit Airlines?

The passengers who check-in online and purchased their baggage before arriving at the airport. Bag Drop is the service available to the same passengers. So, when they arrive at the airport. They simply need to follow the Fast Bag Drop Signs. The passengers can simply drop their baggage and go through security. Thus, a passenger can save a lot of his/her time by using the Bag Drop Service available with Spirit Airlines. Get the complete details about the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy and save approx. $20 on baggage.

Can I Add A Passenger To The Same PNR After Completing A Reservation?

As per the Spirit Airlines Customer Support. After making a successful reservation, It is not possible to add an additional passenger to the same PNR. You simply have to create a new PNR for the extra passenger.

What Documents Are Required While Traveling With Spirit Airlines?

In the case of a minor: A letter of content and a valid photo ID is mandatory for a minor before traveling on any domestic flight with Spirit.

For 18 years or Older Guests: Passengers of the age 18 years or older are requested to carry a valid federal Identification Number Or any valid Photo ID. That a passenger can use to verify himself/herself at the airport check-in point.

Non-US or Canadian citizens holding the permanent residence ship of the United states are not required to carry their passports. But if they are not the permanent citizens. Then it is mandatory to carry a valid passport while visiting the U.S.

Get complete details about the documents required while traveling on a domestic or international flight with Spirit Airlines

Do Spirit Airlines Offer Discounts To Military, Senior Citizens, Students, Or Children?

Well, Spirit does not offer any discount to any of the categories mentioned in the question. Because spirit airlines is an Ultra-Low-Cost-Airlines. So, the fares are already less.

Do I Have To Purchase Seat Assignments While Booking With Spirit?

Well, If you have any seating preferences. Then, Why wait? Simply go ahead and choose your seats at the time of making a reservation itself. Because you can grab your preferred seat at a much less price than to add it later by calling Spirit airlines customer service team. Or by requesting at the airport counter itself.

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