Flight Cancellation Policy at farezhub takes care of the passenger and their needs first. We understand that getting a refund after the flight cancellation can be a tough task. Most of the passengers find discrepancies in the final settlements. But they are not aware of how to tackle the situation. Whom should they connect to?. But these are not the problems with farezhub. We are a third-party travel agency. Providing reservations, changes and cancellations support to all the passengers across the USA and Canada.

    Farezhub Risk-Free Flight Cancellation

    Farezhub is an online travel agency. That is providing several services to passengers on behalf of the airlines. But, just to make everyone aware. We would like to share that the risk-free cancellation period is with the airlines only. However, If any online travel agency is providing you the same 24 hours window as well. That will be considered as its own terms and decision. At farezhub, we take care of the cancellation and refund till the time. You will not get it into your original form of payment.

    In short, Under risk-free cancellation period with farezhub. There may be cancellation charges of up to $200 per PNR. Depending upon the route. But this charge can be waived off under certain terms and conditions. If you would like to know more about your total refund amount. Then you may please call us at +1-571-989-4175.

    Flight Cancellation Fee At Farezhub

    • Within 24 Hours Of Booking Domestic Flight:- Up-to $100 Per PNR.
    • After 24 Hours Of Booking Domestic Flight:- From $100 Per PNR To $200 Per PNR.
    • Within 24 Hours Of Booking International Flight:- Up to $300 Per PNR.
    • After 24 Hours Of Booking International Flight:- Up to $500 Per PNR.

    Note:- If the flight cancellation had been requested after the 24 Hours of booking. But your schedule flight is away from at least 7 or more days. You can get a refund in the original form of payment. But the refund had to be processed by the airline first. That’s why to get a clear picture of how it will work? Kindly call us at +1-571-989-4175.

    Can I Cancel A Flight Booked With Points At Farezhub?

    Well, Travel agencies can not make reservations by accepting points or miles. To book a flight with reward points or miles. You have to call the airlines directly. The terms will remain the same in the case of flight cancellation as well. Because after the cancellation, the remaining points calculation can be done by the airline only. So for booking or canceling a points flights. The airline is the only destination that a passenger must head on to.

    Can I Hold A Fare With Farezhub Before Booking It?

    Yes, At Farezhub, We understand that sometimes, It may take a bit to decide whether to go with the flight that you are getting or you should look for any other cheap flight option. Here our fare holding can help you. We can allow you to think by holding your flights for approx. 1 Hour. For that, you have to pay at least $50 upfront. So that we can lock the fare for you. However, there may still be a slight variation in flight prices. Because airlines may object to holding a fare. But we make sure that the variation must not exceed from $10 To $20 anyhow.

    However, failing to confirm a flight with in 1 hour of holding it. May result in the flight cancellation and forfeit the charges paid up-front.

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