Guide to American Airlines Pet Policy

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Guide to American Airlines Pet Policy

Carrying your pet along all the time while traveling can be troublesome. If you are flying, American Airlines pet policy simplifies their rules for travelers who want to take their pets on vacation. American Airlines recently changed their pet policy and temporarily suspended their checked pet service, so you must carry them.
We have provided all the details and answers to your questions about American Airlines current policies.

What is the American Airlines Pet Policy?

American Airlines has decided to stop checking pets due to increased flight changes. It is exceptional for military personnel on active duty traveling on duty. Until this policy is changed, pets can be carried in as checked luggage.
American Airlines will still transport large animals as cargo if they are light enough. It involves dropping your pet off at a cargo center before you fly, which is terrible for most pet owners.
The pet carrier will replace the carry-on bag. However, you can still carry an extra personal item, such as a purse, backpack, etc., at no additional fee. American Airlines allows seven kennels per flight, which is more than many airlines allow. Call ahead and make sure you reserve a spot for your pet. It is vital because pets cannot be checked on American Airlines flights.

What Type of Pets Does American Airlines Allow?

AA allows only cats and dogs to travel on its flights. Most dogs and cats can travel with American Airlines provided they are within the size limitations and at least eight weeks of age.
American Airlines dog policy states that dogs with snub noses can't fly on American Airlines. It applies to breeds such as bulldogs, pit bulls, and pugs. Except for exotic shorthair, Persian, Himalayan, Burmese, and Persian cats, all cat breeds are permitted onboard.

American Airlines Pet Policy Fee

American Airlines charges $125 per kennel for pets flying with them. If you have two small pets (they must be the same species) that can fit into the same kennel, the pet fee will only need to be paid once. This money-saving trick is for animals with enough space to move and lay down.
According to American Airlines animal policy, there is no charge for flying with an AA service animal if registered and trained.

American Airlines Pet Carrier Restrictions

American Airlines pet policy on carriers and kennels is straightforward. Your carry-on cage must not exceed 19"x13"x9" (or 48 cmx33 cmx22 cm). It doesn't matter if your kennel has a rigid or soft body as long as it meets these requirements.
American Airlines allows pets and carriers to weigh no more than 25 pounds. However, it's okay to be a little heavier. It doesn't matter how big or small your pet is; what matters is that they are comfortable in the carrier. Your job is to ensure that your pet's flight is smooth.
American Airlines flights allow seven carriers, while American Eagle flights allow five. In business/first class, one kennel is permitted. For more information, call Farezhub at +1-571-989-4175 ahead of time to ensure your pet has a reserved space.

What are American Airlines Emotional Support Animals?

American rules for Emotional Support Animals (ESA) and services differ from those for regular pets. This is also true for most airlines. An emotional support animal can be a registered animal capable of helping someone with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and other conditions.
American Airlines only allows dogs and cats on flights. Before American Airlines flight reservations, they must notify the airline 48 hours before. These animals are provided at no cost to you. However, for your pet to be considered an emotional support animal, it must be submitted to the airline with a form from a mental or medical professional detailing your needs, a veterinary form, and an animal behavior form.
One emotional support animal per passenger is allowed, but there are no restrictions on how many animals you can bring onboard. Emotional support animals are allowed to travel to most destinations. However, some areas have conditions. Before you fly, make sure that you verify the rules about American Airlines pet policy.

American Airlines Restrictions on Service Animals

Service animals are different from emotional support animals in that they can perform daily functions for people with disabilities. It includes people who are blind, deaf or have seizures. The number of service animals that passengers can bring onboard is unlimited.
Service animals are dogs, cats, or miniature horses that can travel with American Airlines animal policy. They come at no cost to their owners. Service animals are allowed to travel to any destination. American Airlines doesn't require advance notice but recommends it.
American Airlines pet policy does not usually require service animals to submit any forms for verification. However, they reserve the right to ask owners to determine the animal's classification. On longer flights, they will ask you to bring your pet's current vaccination records and a form for animal sanitation.
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