Southwest Airlines Cancelation Policy

Friday, February 25, 2022

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Southwest Airlines Cancelation Policy

Based in Dallas, Southwest Airlines operates as one of the world's most appreciated and awarded low-cost airlines. Being the largest among budget airlines, it offers state-of-the-art hospitality at 125 airports across 12 countries. It touched the skies in 1971 to standardize trustworthy, low-cost air travel within the United States. Maintaining customer satisfaction, reliability and commendable services, Southwest Airlines has always strived to deliver resolute assistance and flying experience to its customers. To make things easier for passengers, the airline provides a gamut of services that can be availed including Southwest Airlines cancelation policy.

How to Cancel a Southwest Flight?

We've all handled the heat of sudden flight cancelations along with hefty cancelation fees and travel changes at the eleventh hour. Usually, Southwest stands tall among airlines with its hassle-free travel changes and passenger-friendly cancelation rules. Presently, most airlines have simplified their policies but still, Southwest Cancellations Policy is highly flexible and feasible.

Do you need to cancel your Southwest flight? Well, it's fairly simple. You can visit or check your reservation by signing into the app as well. Mention the name with the confirmation or the PNR number. You can also talk to our Southwest Cancellations representative at +1-571-989-4175. If you had applied for Rapid Rewards on your reservation, you can find the booking on the account page. Once your flight details are typed, you'll be able to see the paid amount linked to the confirmation number given.

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancelation Policy

Knowing the ABC of a hassle-free cancelation is extremely important these days. And over the years, Southwest has always prioritized customer satisfaction and goodwill through its expertise, products and services. However, their policy is easy. You need to know - Southwest offers three kinds of fares – Wanna-Get-Away, Anytime, and Business Select. You can cancel the Wanna-Get-Away flight anytime as it is not refundable but reusable. On the other hand, Business Select and Anytime are both refundable and reusable.

As per the cancelation policy, these three fares can be used for your future travel as well, up to a year from the date of booking. Upon cancelation, the passenger will be refunded in an original way and also upon showing a 'no-show policy' where you need to cancel a flight ten minutes before departure. If you've booked a flight with fare points, the points would be credited back while canceling Southwest Airlines flights.

Southwest 24-hour Cancelation – simple & speedy

According to Southwest 24-hour cancelation policy, if a passenger cancels a flight booked online or even through an agent within 24 hours, he/she qualifies to receive a cancelation refund of any fare as per the original form of payment. To cancel a flight and know more about Southwest Airlines cancelations, call Farezhub at +1-571-989-4175 within 24 hours of booking. Kindly note:

  • This policy applies when a passenger reserves the ticket through the website or mobile app.
  • The 24-hour Southwest Cancellations Policy does not apply to complimentary tickets.
  • Southwest reservations should be done 7 days before traveling.
  • Southwest Cancellations Policy does not apply to Wanna-Get-Away tickets.
  • For non-refundable reservations canceled within 24 hours of booking, you can receive a refund of any fare.
  • If Southwest Cancellations request was made after the booking, the relevant cancelation fees may apply.

Southwest Airlines Cancelation Fee

Southwest cancelation fee might vary in light of the booking class, fare, and the time when the cancelation was initiated. A non-refundable Southwest ticket cancelation fee would be charged for all the tickets booked. Here’s the outline of the Southwest cancelation fee according to the fares, and the class of service selected –

  • Wanna-Get-Away ticket cancelation is US$ 200 per passenger
  • Anytime ticket cancelation is US$ 150 pp
  • Business Select cancelation is US$ 125 pp
  • Wanna-Get-Away No Show is not permitted by the airline
  • Any Southwest air ticket it's US$ 225 pp
  • For Business Select No Show fee is US$ 200
  • Southwest does not charge a fee during Covid times
  • Southwest flight cancelation fee is free of charge within 24 hours of booking

Canceling Southwest Airlines Flight - Is there a penalty?

Many first-time flyers are skeptical about such cancelation policies and flight modifications and do not know what to do next after canceling a flight in fear of being charged a huge amount. So, are there charges to cancel a booking on Southwest?

  • To make things clear for the people, there are no charges on the flight cancelation of Southwest Airlines till you follow the cancelation policies.
  • In case of flight cancelation within 24 hours of booking, there are no charges.
  • Also, in the scenario of a flight cancelation on refundable tickets, there are charges on the cancelation.
  • You will be charged for the ticket cancelation only if you cancel the booking.

That’s it! If you have more doubts related to Southwest airlines cancelation policy and get a refund then contact the support team of the airline.

Southwest Airlines Cancelation - delays and cancelations

For flight disruptions, Southwest initiates best efforts to handle the passenger's situation smoothly and promptly. The airline does its best to reduce the effects and give the best solution.

In case of a delayed flight, the airlines will inform you of the reason and inform you about the new departure time. If the delay lingers on, the airline will offer snacks and arrange a second flight immediately.

If you've missed a connecting flight, the minimum connecting time would be calculated, giving ample time to the passenger to take another flight and reach the destination.

If Southwest cancels my flight, the airline will allow passengers to change travel dates or be re-routed to their destination soon. If the alternative flight does not suit, the passenger can apply for a refund. For any clarification and travel solution, do not hesitate to call up FarezHub Southwest cancelation phone number at +1-571-989-4175 to talk to a travel expert for anything - booking cheap Southwest flight tickets and more.

Southwest Airlines Cancelation Policy - Common FAQs

Q - Can I cancel Southwest flights?
A – Yes, your Southwest airlines reservations can be canceled up to 10 minutes before the departure.

Q - How late can I cancel it?
A - As long as you have a valid Southwest reservation that could be canceled up to 60 minutes before the departure for domestic flights, and 120 minutes before the scheduled departure for international flights.

Q - Can I get a refund if I cancel my Southwest flight?
A - Yes, you can cancel and get a complete refund according to Southwest cancelation policy. A non-refundable ticket cancelation would be charged for all tickets booked.

Q - How far in advance should Southwest be canceled?
A - Passengers need to request cancelation within 24 hours of reservation to get a full refund provided that the travel date must be booked 7 days in advance during cancelation.

Q - How to get a refund from Southwest?
A - Once cancelation is requested, the airline refund team will initiate and process the refund in 7 business days.

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