Guide To Southwest Airlines Minor Policy

Monday, April 17, 2023

Guide To Southwest Airlines Minor Policy

Listen, take a deep breath! It's going to be fine. Your child flying alone is going to be absolutely fine with Southwest Airlines because it is no other airline, but it is the most loved airline across the globe, and they have got an accomplished and complete minor policy to help the parents understand all the services and facilities offered to a minor passenger on the airlines.

Southwest will take care of your minor, and Farezhub will take care of telling you the entire Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor policy. Let's goo!

Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor policy

  • As per the minor policy, children between 5-11 years who are not accompanied by a passenger or at least 12 years of age can fly alone and come under the unaccompanied minor policy.
  • While booking the flight ticket, you need to state that you are the parent or the guardian or you have the authority from the parents or the guardians to act as one.
  • The parents or the guardian must show a physically valid government-issued photo ID to check in or pick up the unaccompanied minor.
  • The minor flying alone southwest can only travel nonstop or on the same plane services that do not require them to change their flight or flight numbers.
  • The minors must be available at the gate at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time and show valid id proof to the representative at Southwest Airlines to take the minor back home.

Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor ID requirements

  • There are certain documents that are asked by Southwest Airlines to book a flight for an unaccompanied minor, and the list of the same is as mentioned below:-
  • The contact number and address of the parents and guardians
  • A copy of the complete itinerary of the minor.
  • The parents must submit proof of the age of the minor, which can be a State federal ID card and the birth certificate.
  • The Southwest unaccompanied minor fee would be charged at the time of booking or purchasing the flight ticket, so the parent would need to show the receipt for the minor service fee.

How to book an unaccompanied minor policy with Southwest Airlines?

Nobody can do it better than us to book a Southwest young traveler. You have to simply dial +1-571-989-4175 to get an executive on the other line of the call. No IVR and no other fuss; it's a direct call to us.

Once your call is connected, you can ask the executive on the other side to book a flight for your minor.

Not only that, but we also assist you in getting a hotel reservation and car rental. Just one call all it takes is just one call.

Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor fee.

For the unaccompanied minor service program, you need to pay the price of the adult fare alongside the Southwest unaccompanied minor fee. The complete view of the minor fees is listed below.

Unaccompanied minor's age

Allowed on Direct flights

Minor service fee

4 years and less than 4 years

not allowed

not applicable

5-11 years


USD 50 each way

USD 100 round trip

11-17 years


USD 50 each way

USD 100 round trip

Do southwest airlines young travelers need ID to travel?

As per the Southwest Airlines minor policy, a copy of the documents mentioned below will be required at the time of check-in;

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • State federal ID

How do I let the airlines know that my minor child is traveling unaccompanied?  

When you are booking the child's reservation with the airline, at that time, you will be asked whether the child will be traveling with someone or all alone. The airline will then see whether your child fits into the airline's unaccompanied minor policy.

If he/she is labeled under Southwest airline's unaccompanied minor program, you will have to complete the relevant travel document and pay for the minor service fee.

Or you can directly call the airline's phone number and tell the representative that the child on the reservation is unaccompanied and also mention his/her age.

What are the age restrictions for children traveling alone?

As per the unaccompanied minor policy, children from the age of 5 to 11 years old are considered unaccompanied minors, or they can go up to 12 years old.

Now, for children traveling alone from 12 years and older, the Unaccompanied minor service is not available. However, on domestic flights, children from the age of 12 years to 17 years may travel without company, but children under the age of 18 are not permitted to travel unaccompanied on international flights.

What are some safe travel tips for an unaccompanied minor?

Yes, you can't stop that pounding heart when sending your kids off alone on any airline with no company but to ease your fist-sized hand, focus on the tips given below for the safety of your kids on the plane.

  • Make sure they are ready and emotionally well-prepared to make it to the destination all alone.
  • You should make sure to teach them to reach out to help whenever they require it.
  • All of the contact info must be easy to find and kept handy.
  • Dress them as per the weather of the destination point, and if required to keep warm, you should add layers on your kids. 

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