Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

Monday, January 09, 2023

Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

People love to travel, whether it is for pleasure or business. With Turkish Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, children will fly easily, just like adults. They may have to travel alone. It can be to attend school for educational or recreational purposes, spend vacations with their grandparents, or both.

This post will cover all the essential information, qualifications, and prerequisites for children traveling alone. The service charge is related to Turkish Airlines' service and more. Turkish Airlines minor flight booking policy makes traveling for children easier and safer.

What is included in the Turkish Airlines Minor Service?

Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier of Turkey that operates to 340 destinations in 129 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Its corporate headquarters are located at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines children flying alone are catered to by Turkish Airlines. The airlines provide two different kinds of services to address this:

  • Unaccompanied Minor Service, and
  • Escort Service

Parents or legal guardians can sign up for the services mentioned above if they wish their child to be looked after while on vacation. Let's see how they differ from one another.

Turkish Airlines allows unaccompanied youngsters between the ages of 4 and 12 to fly. Alternatively, if a person under the age of 18 is with them. Both children must pay unaccompanied minor service fees.

The following factors would determine whether or not kids could travel alone:

  • An adult over 18 is not allowed to accompany the youngster.
  • Minors are not allowed to ride on flights that depart after midnight or under codeshares or interline agreements, according to the airline.
  • Any unanticipated circumstances that cause a Turkish minor flight to be disrupted may result in a Turkish Airlines flight cancellation.
  • A member of the airline's cabin crew would take care of unattended youngsters between the ages of 2 and 7.
  • The unaccompanied youngster would travel on the same ticket as an adult and receive the same amount of luggage.
  • Turkish Airlines requires reservations for its service for children traveling alone up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Children traveling alone arrive at the airport at least two hours before the departure time.
  • Please be informed that young passengers at the Istanbul Airport interact at distinct counters for Turkish Airlines unaccompanied minor flights.

Documents Required for Turkish Minor Policy

When arriving at the airport, the parents or guardians must bring the attested copy of the Turkish Airlines unaccompanied minor form. In addition, they must keep the following documents handy at the time of check-in –

  • A valid photo ID such as a passport or any government-issued photo ID.
  • Address proof of the destination city.
  • Name, phone number, and address of the person who would be picking up the child at the destination airport as per Turkish Airlines minor policy.

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Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee

According to Turkish Airlines unaccompanied minor fee, the carrier charges unaccompanied kids traveling within Turkey $40 as a service. The service charge, however, changes depending on the travel routes listed below:


  • Direct flight - $40
  • Connecting flight - $80


  • Direct flight - $125
  • Connecting flight - $250


  • Direct flight - $150


  • Direct flight - $150

North & South America

  • Direct flight - $200
  • Connecting flight - $300 (only in the US and Canada)

Final Thoughts

Your child's safety is Turkish Airlines's top concern, so it has devised this policy to ensure that they travel in the best possible circumstances. The Escort Service helps you with all the required paperwork and offers support at every stage of the journey for your child to ensure safety and companionship!

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