United Airlines Pet Policy

Saturday, April 01, 2023

United Airlines Pet Policy

Traveling can be relaxing, yet it would be a series of unusual events. It can be satisfying yet so uncomfortable. We know, we know. Booking the flight ticket, deciding where to travel, how to travel, and the activities you would do can get very stressful at times. And then we have this situation where we can't leave our babies behind. We are very much talking about the baby cuddled with you right now whom you adore the most...your pet.

Things can get a bit hard traveling with a pet, but let's throw the worries out of the window because United Airlines, the airline you are traveling with, has got a United Airlines pet policy. It should be fine. It is supposed to be fine when you know the entire pet policy. So, what are you waiting for? Let's educate ourselves.

What is United Airlines Pet policy?

Cabin Pet Policy

As per the In-cabin pet united airlines policy, you can keep your small, domesticated cats and dogs to travel with you in the cabin within the continental United States except in Hawaii.

There are certain requirements that you need to abide by to carry your pet with you in the cabin, such as;

  • The pet carrier should necessarily have a waterproof bottom, adequate ventilation, and secure fasteners.
  • The maximum dimensions for a hard side kennel are 44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm, and the maximum dimensions for a soft kennel should be 46 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm.
  • Your pet must have their health certificated, and rabies certificated done, showing their current rabies vaccination status, which should be within 30 days before the scheduled departure.
  • The pet should be only 4 months old, and the pet carrier must fit comfortably under your seat.
  • The pet carrier will be counted as a piece of carry-on luggage, and only one pet is allowed per carrier. However, passengers can purchase an extra ticket for another pet in the carrier if they want.

Cargo Pet Policy

Cargo is for pets that are too large to be carried in the cabin or if they are traveling unaccompanied.

The United Airlines pet cargo only allows cats and dogs for the cargo service.

If you are to book a cargo service for your cat or dog, then the airline is supposed to be known the same at least 5 to 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) before the scheduled departure date.

The requirement for the cargo pet service is as listed below;

  • The cats and dogs for the cargo service must be at least 2 pounds and 10 weeks (about 2 and a half months) or older for domestic travel.
  • For international travel, you need to submit proof of rabies vaccination for your pet of at least 3 months must be provided. The pets will not be able to travel with United internationally till 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) after their rabies vaccination.

Documents required

  • Proof of current rabies vaccination
  • Health certificate within 10 days of travel
  • Acknowledgement form that must be signed by the pet owner.
  • Close-up photo of the pet's face.

Service Dogs

There, we have our trained service animals that can also travel in the cabin; for qualified passengers with disabilities. However, they only accept dogs as service animals.

The airline needs you to fill in the form for the passengers traveling with an emotional support animal.

The emotional service animal can't be over 65 pounds and must be at least 4 months of age. And up to two service dogs are allowed as Service dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pets at United Airlines.

What is the cost of traveling with a pet on United Airlines?

Cabin Pet

The cost of the pets that are going to stay in the cabin is $ 125, which can be paid at the reservation counter at the time of check-in. And there would be an additional charge of $ 125 on flights with layovers of more than 4 hours within the US boundary and 24 hours outside the USA.

Cargo Pet

The charges for cargo pets differ from animal to animal, which you will be able to figure out during the booking process.

How can you check in for pets at United Airlines?

Cabin Pet

The pets that are going with you in the cabin will check in at the passenger counter, as animals are not allowed to be checked in at the curbside. And they would collect a fee from you at the time of check-in.

Cargo Pet

Only one cat or dog can get into the crate, but if there are two kittens or puppies, they can travel in the same crate, provided they are younger than six months and weigh less than 20 lbs. (9 kg) each.

How to add a pet to United flights?

To add a pet to a United flight or book an extra seat for your pet is going to be very easy by FarezHub. All you have to do is to dial +1-571-989-4175. One of the travel consultants will get in touch with you to find out about your travel requirements. You can ask them about the extra seat for your pet, and they will take over for you. You can throw your worries outside the home then.

You can dial them at any time in the day, whenever you are free, as they are always available for you. And they would assist you in all of the travel-related matters such as booking, canceling, or modifying the tickets and then again would manage your hotel reservation and car rental service too.

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