United Airlines Minor Policy

Sunday, April 23, 2023

United Airlines Minor Policy

United Airlines is committed to providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for all passengers, including minors traveling alone. To ensure the well-being of these young travelers, United Airlines has established a comprehensive minor policy that outlines the guidelines and procedures for unaccompanied minors. And today, in this article, we will delve into the details of the United Airlines Minor Policy.

Unaccompanied Minor at United Airlines

According to United Airlines, it is essential to understand who qualifies as an unaccompanied minor. An unaccompanied minor is any child aged 5 to 14 who travels without a parent, legal guardian, or companion aged 15 years or older. Children aged 15 to 17 years old have the option to use the unaccompanied minor service, but it is not mandatory.

Highlights of the United Airlines Minor Policy

When it comes to minors traveling alone, United Airlines has implemented specific rules and regulations to prioritize their safety and security throughout their journey. Let's take a closer look at the key aspects of the United Airlines Minor Policy.

Priority Boarding

Whenever a minor is booked with United Airlines, they are entitled to priority boarding the plane and are served complimentary snacks and refreshments.

Eligibility criteria

  • Per the minor policy, children aged 5-14 traveling alone are considered minor travelers. However, children from the age of 15-17 can opt for the service, too, if they want.
  • And, when two or three minors travel alone, the age of the youngest decides whether or not they would be considered minor travelers.
  • For children who are under the age of 5, they are to be accompanied by someone at least 18 years old.
  • The unaccompanied minor service is unavailable for connecting flights, and they can only fly on nonstop flights on United Airlines flights or United flights express.


There are a few documents that you need to submit in order to let your minor fly with you.

  • First, fill in the unaccompanied minor form that will be present on the official website and airport before booking your flight deal.
  • Minors need to submit one of the government-issued verification proofs for their age verification, which can include a birth certificate, passport, library card, or any other documents.

Check-In and Escort Service

On the day of travel, arriving at the airport well in advance is recommended to allow sufficient time for check-in and to ensure a smooth experience for the unaccompanied minor. At the check-in counter, the child will receive a special wristband or lanyard that identifies them as an unaccompanied minor. A United Airlines representative will then escort the child through security and to the boarding gate.

In-Flight Assistance and Supervision

Once aboard the aircraft, the unaccompanied minor will receive special attention from the flight attendants. They will be seated in a designated area where they can easily be monitored and assisted throughout the flight. The flight attendants will closely monitor the child, ensuring their comfort, safety, and any necessary assistance during the journey.

Arrival and Pick-Up Procedures

Upon arrival at the destination airport, the unaccompanied minors will be escorted off the aircraft and taken to a designated area, where they will be supervised until a parent, legal guardian, or authorized adult doesn't come and pick them up.

Unaccompanied minor service fees

Unaccompanied Minor

One-way flights

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Roundtrip flights

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How to make a booking for an unaccompanied minor on United Airlines?

We would not want to waste your time suggesting you a lot of methods to book your minor flight deal and will want to ask you to rely on us, as we can help you. Dial +1-571-989-4175 and get in touch with one of our travel experts and tell them your requirements; they will then assist you in the same. You need to then simply sit back and witness the booking unfold.

Frequently Asked Questions on United Airlines Unaccompanied Minors at United Airlines

What about the unaccompanied minor pick-up?

The Unaccompanied minor pick up must be done by a responsible and authorized adult, now be it parents or legal guardian whosoever is designated to pick up your child from the destination airport. However, the only requirement is that the adult responsible for picking up the child should be above 18 years old, whose contact details you have provided on the Unaccompanied minor form.

How early should a minor get to the airport?

Time is indeed very crucial when you are traveling and should be maintained well. Whenever you are traveling as a minor on any airline, you should get at least 2 to 3 hours early at the airport.

Can my child, who is on medication, go alone? How will he be handled?

The representatives at United Airlines are not allowed to be given any medication to passengers, especially unaccompanied minors. You should check with your doctor before booking your flight to see that it is a medical condition that requires him/her strict medication. Or you can delay their flight till they are no longer on medication.

Can unaccompanied minors select their own seat?

A minor is not allowed a seat of their own on United Airlines, the airlines will do so for your unaccompanied minor, and you will be made aware of the same 48-72 hours (about 3 days) after you have booked the flight.

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