Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

A big hello to all pet mommas and pet papas! Oh my god, are you booking a flight with Spirit and want to carry your pet too? What are the arrangements for your pet, or how would they be treated on the airlines? Well, we heard from you, and that’s why, today, we, FarezHub, have come to your screen with the Spirit Airlines pet policy. Are we ready to carry our pups to the Spirit flight? Let’s figure it out!

Spirit Airline and your pets

  • Spirit Airlines easily accepts small pets like domestic dogs, cats, and small household birds only to travel with the passengers, however, with a service fee.
  • The pet fee is to be paid at the time of reservation and is made to reserve the necessary arrangements, like transportation space in our inventory.
  • The fees, once paid for the pet, are non-refundable.
  • And the number of pets that are allowed in the cabin is subject to space availability.
  • The pet fee on Spirit Airlines is $110 USD per container each way.

Pet Check-in

Passengers who are traveling with their pets can check in at the ticket counter. Curbside or self-service check-in is not allowed. The passengers are advised to arrive early as the check-in with pets takes more time than normal.

Carry-On Pets

  • Per the Spirit Airlines pet policy, you can carry 4 pet containers in the cabin on all domestic flights, including Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, U.S.V.I; however, they won't transport any birds to or from Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.
  • You can only carry two pets per container, but there is only one container that's allowed per passenger.
  • The maximum size of the pet carrier on Spirit flight can be measured as; (45.72cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86cm), and the weight should not exceed 40 pounds.
  • The pet container should have enough space for the animal to stand upright and move comfortably around the container.
  • The pet has to be at least eight weeks old and fully weaned, and they should be harmless, inoffensive, odorless, and require no special attention during transit.

Checked Pet Baggage policy & Air Cargo Pet Policy

Spirit Airlines neither offers checked baggage service nor air cargo service for live animals.

Animals that are unallowed

Spirit Airlines have kept a list of specific animals that they don't allow on their flights under certain circumstances. The list of the animals is mentioned below;

  • Snakes and other reptiles
  • Rodents like hamsters, mice, rats, squirrels, etc.
  • Ferrets
  • Sugar gliders
  • Spiders.

Service Animals on Spirit Airlines

Service animals are animals that are trained to perform a task or a duty for their owner. The service animals are highly intelligent and remain calm, with the ability to perform all their duties.

Spirit Airlines does allow service animals to accompany their owners on flights. However, one needs to complete the documentation part and keep the documents available.

As per Spirit Airlines' requirements, the animal must always stick with you. If the animal shows any signs that it has not been trained properly, the animal will not be allowed to travel on a flight then.

Spirit Emotional Support Animal & Psychiatrist Service Animal

Emotional support Animals are not necessarily trained for any specific purpose and are often used as comfort. Their duty is to exist and provide the passenger with security and comfort. As the name suggests, emotional support, so these animals are just there to support the passengers emotionally and act as a confidant.

The below points are only for a P.S.A. and not for E.S.A. E.S.A.s are treated as normal pets only.

  • The airlines will allow psychiatric support of animals but with proper documentation done. You need to carry the updated documents from your pet from a medical professional and get an I.D. tag as well.
  • The documents that are required are; the Mental Health Professional form, veterinary health form, and passenger acknowledgment form; you will easily find these documents on the spirit airlines website. You can download and fill in the forms and submit them to the airlines.
  • The forms are to be completed and submitted at least 48 hours (about 2 days) prior to the flight, as they will have to be verified by the airline's team of Disability Coordinators, who will make sure that your documents are up to the mark.

FarezHub and your cute little balls of happiness

This was the entire thing on how you can travel with your pets on Spirit Airlines flights, but we forgot one of the main things while discussing the entire policy; we need to also get you a pet reservation through the best possible way. You know you can book yourself a pet reservation by calling the airlines or through their official website. But, when you want a hassle-free booking, you know you have to rely on us. To book your pet a reservation, you can call our official number, +1-571-989-4175. As soon as you get connected to the representative on the other side, you can ask them to make you a pet reservation. Once they understand your query, you can sit back and relax.

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